Audio Mastering


We offer attended Audio Mastering sessions here at our studio. Alternatively we offer an unattended online/offline service see below.

Online/Offline Audio Mastering

Upload your audio track to our ftp site( or send us a DVD data disk) with your ideas about how you would like it to sound. We will master your track to your specifications and upload a sample back to the ftp site for your approval. Once you are happy, and have paid the mastering fee we will upload the Mastered track to the ftp site for you to download. Easy!

What you need to supply

The audio track/tracks in the highest original quality you can provide. Please do not compress or add EQ to your final mix. Audio files can be in almost any format, but remember that if you supply mp3 files the data compression of that format compromises the audio. It’s best to supply wav files.

IMG_0411[1]How to upload/download from our ftp server

In your web browser go to:   you will then be asked for a password and username. We will supply these at the time of your order. Once you have entered the password and username you will be able to copy and paste your audio files to our server. Downloading from the ftp site is exactly the same except you copy and paste the files from the server to your hard drive. We can also use Dropbox or Sugarsync for sending/receiving files.