Control RoomIMG_0400[1]

Steinberg Nuendo 8. This is our main recording software. We also have all the Slate plugins as well as a number of Waves plugins, plus we have 5.1 and above surround FX.

Wavelab V9.5. For making CD masters and 5.1 and above surround DVD-A masters.

B&W 801 monitor speakers.

Optimised 801 monitors driven by TL Audio amplifier system.

Neumann KH120 nearfield speakers.



Large selection of Neumann microphones including 3 x 83′s, 7 x 84′s, 4 x 86′s,  3 x 47′s. AKG One of a kind Quad Mic,  8 x AKG D224E’s, 4 x Slate ML-1 microphones. 4 x Oktaver’s with omni, cardioid and hypercardioid capsules. Selection of Audio Technica microphones.


Various headphones available including Beyer DT100′s and Sony.

 Studio Live Room

Room for approximately 6 musicians.

Audio Mastering

We also have our internet based audio mastering service where we can master via our ftp site. Or come along to our mastering suite.